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Ye Dil Mera Episode-18 Review: Amaan is successfully heading towards its next move

Amaan is making Noor feel that she is mentally not stable

Ye Dil Mera Episode-18 ReviewIn this episode Amaan is successfully heading towards its next move - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ye Dil Mera, the psychological thriller drama serial running on HUM TV is our favorite Prime Time Watch. Farhat Ishtiaq has very artfully woven the story and has also highlighted the awareness and importance of mental health, and how childhood traumas haunt a person for a lifetime. Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir are nailing their characters with incredible performances.

The episode begins when Noor tells Amaan about the swing and the voice she heard there but Amaan is continuously denying her. He tells her to take him back to the place and there he has already removed that swing, so when Aina takes him there she is shocked to see that swing is missing. She feels so helpless in explaining herself but Amaan tells her that she is having delusions she claims that she has seen a swing but actually there was no swing. She imagines things that do not exist in reality. It is really disturbing Aina and Amaan is deliberately making her feel bad about herself.


Mir Farooq has become so alarmed that he immediately shares all his concerns with Ali Baksh. He tells him not to worry and also assures him that he will trace out that blackmailer and will punish him. Moreover Ali Baksh’s duty is to keep an eye on Mir Farooq’s second wife and now she is under strict scrutiny which is making her even more uncomfortable. Amaan tells her that their deal is over.


Bowa is also shown in this episode, she is living with her niece and she is missing Noor. She is comfortably and respectfully living there and she teaches Quraan to the neighborhood kids. One thing is not making any sense that why Amaan is disturbing Aina so badly, why he is making her revive her past traumatic memories but then when she shares something instead of helping her in recalling those memories, he clearly denies them and makes her feel that she is mentally not stable. Amaan has certainly something bigger cooking in his mind but it makes us feel really bad for the poor Aina, she does not deserve this.


Mir Farooq is worrying that if Aina will know about her second marriage, he will lose his image in her eyes and that he does not want at any cost. Amaan recalls the memory when he first met Mir Farooq as a child at his summer house with his mother. Amaan’s mother and Mir Farooq were classmates and Mir Farooq has feelings for her but her mother had refused him.

Wait for the next episode, there is more to unfold!

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