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Ye Dil Mera Episode-19 Review: Aina is sensing that something is wrong with Amaan

Ye Dil Mera, penned down by veteran writer Farhat Ishtiaq, is indeed the most engaging psychological thriller drama running at HUM TV, the story is getting more intense as it gradually unfolds. Adnan Siddiqui, Sajal Aly, and Ahad Raza Mir have come with their best of the performances in this play.

The episode begins when Aina and Amaan are returning from their honeymoon trip and Aina sees their old Summers house, the house reminds her of something she fails to recall, she tries to ask Amaan about that house but he is also not helping her out. They visit Agha Jaan’s place and there Aina finds out that Bowa is not home, she has gone to Multan to meet her relatives, Aina is wondering that where these relatives come out of nowhere as she has never heard of them ever from Bowa.

Farhana Khala on her father’s death recollects his memories and starts reading his diary. There in one of the pages, Farhana’s father has expressed his grieve and helplessness over his daughter’s untimely death. He has a strong feeling that his daughter’s death was not an accident, he is also giving reference of Neelofar’s last letter that he received after her death in which she has clearly expressed that she is not having a happy life. Farhana also reads her Nelofar’s baji letter and it is a big revelation for her. She is literally shocked after reading it.

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Farhana tries to call Aina but she is continuously rejecting her calls. Well, Agha Jaan is successful in creating the distance between Aina and Farhana. However, one should have been little reserved in such cases but totally shunning your relative is not good and it is something not gelling well with the character of Aina who is very respectful and she has a kind heart. The way she rudely behaves with her Khala is not at all reasonable even if she has done with her according to what Agha Jaan accused her. Well, Amaan hears all her conversation with Farhana Khala and he has realized that its all Agha Jaan’s scheming.

Aghan Jaan has put Ali Baksh’s duty to keep an eye on Saira as he is sending Saira to San Fransisco via Dubai. Her phone is also taken away. Aina is sensing that something is really wrong and mysterious about Amaan. She founds her locket in Amaan’s study room’s dustbin where no one else can go. The locket is broken and Agha Jaan’s picture is missing. He lies and insulted Ghazanfar Uncle and his wife through his servant when he comes to visit him that he is not at home. Then she tries to investigate on her own and she has found spare sims and a picture of him with Sajid and there she recalls their meeting which says that Amaan has a humbling past. She visits his office and there she finds ladies talking that Amaan sir is not visiting his office nowadays.

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