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Ye Dil Mera Episode-23 Review: This episode reveals Neelofar’s side of story

Ye Dil Mera one of the much-awaited psychological thriller airing on Hum TV is now revealing Neelofar’s story. The latest episode showcased brilliant performances, a well-written story which were equally well executed. Farhat Ishtiaq has very artfully dealt with mental health issues, how childhood traumas haunt the person for the rest of their lives.

The opening scene of this episode is a masterpiece. Amaan is in a fit as he recalls past traumas which are now
haunting him badly and he is crying and mumbling his family’s name during sleep.  This has disturbed Aina to see him like that, she can also compare with her own experiences. Her heart melts for Amaan and she warmly embraces him and the promixity of a couple and their bonding is so beautifully executed. Sajal and Ahad being a real life couple have given their best. The way Amaan asks Aina not to leave him ever is so heart wrenching. The feelings of pain and turmoil are very brilliantly portrayed Ahad.

This episode is revealing Neelofar’s side of story through Buwa Jee. In a time lapse thing, it is shown that Neelofar notices changed attitude in Mir Farooq and she assumes that he and Humaira is cheating on her and she also catches his jeep parked in front of Humaira’s house. It is all making an impression that all this has happened within a day or two. However, when we compare it to Humera’s side of the story the span of time feels like a week or two as Mir Farooq becomes a friend with Obaid then he sends him to Sialkot and then that incident took place.


Neelofar is sharing everything with Buwa Jee, she is sincerely concerned for her. Neelofar shares with her how she is feeling ignored by her husband and how she is sure that he might be taking interest somewhere else. And later seeing Mir Farooq’s Jeep in front of Humaira’s house she assumed that Humaira and he are cheating on her and they are having an affair. Buwa Jee tries to defend Humaira by saying that she seems a dignified woman.

Humaira meets Neelofar and despite of Neelofar’s cold behavior she starts pleading her for help and tells her that last night Mir Farooq attempted to rape her. Well, it sounds a bit weird that Neelofar instantly believes her and thinks of his husband as a rapist to whom she has been married for the last 7 years. Buwa Jee tries to call Aina but she does not talk with her.


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