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Ye Dil Mera Episode-25 Review: Aina is still in a state of denial

Amaan is making Mir Farooq freak out

Ye-dil-mera-episode-25-reviewIn this episode Aina is still in a state of denial - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ye Dil Mera the psychological thriller running at HUM TV is moving towards its climax, the story seems to be a bit dragged currently as Amaanuallah’s revelation about Mir Farooq’s true face has put Aina on a denial mode. This episode has showcased some absolutely brilliant performances by Ahad Raza Mir, Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Aly particularly Ahad’s performance is simply outstanding we can see a range of his expressions that he has incredibly played.

The episode begins when Ali Buksh and Mir Farooq are contemplating how they are going to tackle Amaanullah who turns out to be clever than their imagination. Mir Farooq is very anxious and extremely worried about the safety of Noor. He has expressed his concerns for his Noor e Jahan to Ali Buksh who himself seems worried for her. He attempts to raid Amaan’s house with his goons but he finds nothing there nor any proofs.


Aina is in a state of denial, despite the fact that the real events are clearly saying that her father is a murderer, but Aina is not ready to believe that she is taking her fair time to absorb this ugly truth. She is extremely disturbed but yet she has not believed that her caring and loving father can really kill a family. She is shocked and as a reaction, she is being bitter and rude with Amaan considering him her father’s rival. She is demanding evidence and she is right in her own way.


Amaan asks Aina to come along with him to Darya Baagh where he can provide him ample amount of proofs against his father because that was the place where the crime actually happened. Aina instantly realizes that the cottage where they used to live and all the sketches she saw were of his family’s. She is even more disturbed as her inner self is kind of accepting that Amaan is right but still as a daughter it is not easy for her to accept his father as a murderer. She is also broken to know that Amaan’s main motive for marrying her is to take revenge, he does not love her.


When in real Amaan has developed feelings for Aina as well, by making her realize of all the sins her father has committed, he is actually feeling the pain Aina is going through but it is necessary for hers to realize the sins her father has committed. On the other hand, Mir Farooq is freaking out when he cannot even trace Amaan’s number and location. Amaan is really a genius and the first person who has ever challenged Mir Farooq and that too very openly.

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