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Ye Dil Mera Episode-26 Review: Aina’s memories are disturbing her she wants to know the truth!

Ye Dil Mera the drama serial running on HUM TV is a perfect psychological thriller, the story is still carrying the suspense element, however, the drama is also being criticized for its unnecessary dragging and some critics are of the view that the play should have ended by now. But, I think that story is going perfectly well with its pace and every action of Aina and Amaan has its psychological justification. The writer cannot hastily sum up the ending and resolve things like it is not just the story but human psychology and behavior are also involved in it. Veteran writer Farhat Ishtiaq has very artfully penned down the plot and the direction is on point as well, powered by some super brilliant performances. Particularly Ahad Raza Mir’s performance is outstanding we can see a range of his expressions he carries so flawlessly.

Aina is still in a state of denial, it is very hard for her to absorb this ugly truth but deep inside her, there is a quest to find the truth. She has lost her childhood traumatic memories because the human brain as a sort of blessing forgets the disturbing memories, related to a particular trauma otherwise that trauma will not let the human brain survive with that burden. This has happened in Aina’s case, she has lost her childhood traumatic memories but when she visits her old summer’s house all her linked memories have been revived and they are disturbing her very badly.


Aina hears her mother’s voice at that house but still, she has not recognized the place as her own summer house. She really wants to know the truth she is struggling hard in reviving her memories, she pleads Amaan to help her by telling him about the owner of the house but Amaan does not share anything. The reason behind not sharing can be that he is waiting for the right time or another reason could be that he is saving Aina from the pain of knowing the ugly reality because he has fallen in love with Aina.


Aina’s mind is still not ready to accept that her father has murdered Amaan’s family but she wants to know the truth. Her pain is real. She calls Buwa Jee and their heart touching conservation has brought tears in our eyes well, Aaina shares with Buwa Amaan’s reality and Buwa has instantly recognized him. Well, Buwa tries to talk with Mir Farooq but he does not want to listen to her as he is too much occupied in worrying for Noor. It could be a turning point but Mir Farooq has missed it by his arrogance. Amaan has also sent an email to Farhana Khala with Mir Farooq’s second marriage pictures and also about her mysterious murder. Farhana is now resolute that she will visit Pakistan and now she will not spare Mir Farooq.


Why knowing all the reality Buwa is still on Mir Farooq’s side? The reason what I think is that she is trying to save Aina and she is worried for her safety. Little she knows that Amaan is deeply in love with Aina and he is not going to let anything bad happen to Aina. Despite sticking hard with his revenge game and not sparing Mir Farooq. It is painful for Amaan to see Aina going through this pain.


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