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Ye Dil Mera Episode-28 Review: Amaan introduces his true self to Mir Farooq

Unarguably Ye Dil Mera running at HUM TV is the best psychological thriller, brilliantly penned down by veteran writer Farhat Ishtiaq and equally splendid execution by Ahesun Talish and then topped with absolutely incredible performances, no wonder the play has all the elements to become our favorite and an eagerly awaited watch. Well, this episode besides having so much happening events seems dragged too. It also seems that story is moving fast towards the climax, but this episode is not that impressive as the previous one, Aina’s state of denial now seems too much dragging.

The opening scene of the episode is where Buwa Jee and Farhana Khala are both in a cab and Farhana Khala eagerly wants to know all about her sister. She is damn sure that Buwa Jee knows every secret and now it is the high time to make her unravel the truth. She forcefully takes Buwa Jee with her to the hotel room. Well, this scene is very confusing, making us all wonder how come Farhana Khala and Buwa jee met? Then it is later revealed that they both find each other at Aina’s house.


Well, now Buwa Jee’s intentions of hiding the truth from Farhana Khala seems very irritating, even when she is almost pleading her to tell the truth. She has been all the way traveled from the US to know the reality about her sister’s death and being her sister she deserves to know the truth. However, Buwa Jee is all worried about Aina’s safety. She finally tells Farhana that she has to worry about the alive ones, not for the dead, she tells her that Aina is not safe and also that Amaan is Mir Farooq’s rival. Buwa suddenly realizes that where Aina must be then she tells Farhana to take her to Darya Baagh and there they will surely going to find Aina.


Aina’s prolonged state of denial is now making no sense and is unnecessarily dragging the play, especially when Amaan tells her that he has once warned her not to marry him but she insisted, this revenge was the reason behind that but still after all these obvious facts Aina is still doubting Amaan and she is not ready to accept that Agha Jaan has committed those heinous sins.


It seems that Mir Farooq’s downfall has already started, his ex-employee’s widow accuses him of her husband’s murder and this news is circulating all over the media. Ali Buksh is trying hard to keep Mir Farooq’s sanity level intact. Then there is one creepy scene where Amaan introduces his true self to Mir Farooq in the blowing his mind off and then he vanishes from the scene which is too creepy. Later Ali Baksh gets his shock of life too when he hears about Amaan’s reality from Mir Farooq.

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