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Ye Dil Mera Episode-29 Review: Another not so impressive but a dragged episode

Aina sees that same dream again in a much clearer vision

Ye Dil Mera Episode-29 ReviewIn this episode Another not so impressive but a dragged episode - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ye Dil Mera the psychological thriller running at HUM TV is one of the most popular and much-loved drama serial but just like its previous episode, this one also seems to be dragged and not so impressive. Well, we cannot say that the story has not moved it has, we get to know how brutally Mir Farooq has beaten Neelofar and how badly she suffered but it was in the second half of the episode while the first half was pretty dragged.

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After introducing his true self to Mir Farooq in a very quick scene, Amaan miraculously vanishes from the screen making us wonder that is he some kind of superhero? how does he manage to escape that place so quickly? Mir Farooq and Ali Baksh fail to find him. Mir Farooq’s body language depicts him as a defeated man. While Amaan is back at Darya Baagh and he has found his chacha with whom he shares his revenge plan. Well, that Chacha does not convincingly look like a bit of old man but advises him to let it go and forgive but Amaan is resolute that he will avenge Mir Farooq for his family’s murder.

Aina again sees that same vision in her dream but this time it is more clearer form what she saw previously, and she sees the glimpses of her mother, calling her name and the moments she used to spend with her mother in the Summers House and then followed by those other visions again but in a more clearer form and then she recalls how Mir Farooq used to negate her thoughts and how he used to say that it is just a dream. This time it seems that Aina has moved but still she does not take any action nor she initiates any talk with Amaan. She is extremely disturbed.

Farhana Khala and Buwa jee are heading towards Darya Baagh, well it sounds so weird that the Buwa jee who was not ready to utter anything against Mir Farooq in the hotel room is now telling so elaborately how Mir Farooq killed Humaira with her husband and a minor daughter in the car in the presence of a driver! I mean how can she shares such a confidential conversation in the presence of a third person. Then she also starts telling what happened with Neelofar when Farhana pleads her to tell her the truth.

The last part of this episode is full of violence, I think for the first time I have watched such brutal and too much violence on screen. Mir Farooq after knowing that Neelofar has known all about his sins and also when she tries to confront him beats the hell out of her, he is slapping her hard and then he beats her with a belt. Aina and Buwa jee are hearing all these noises but Buwa Jee is trying her best to convince Aina that it is TV running not her mother’s voice. Mir Farooq ends up locking her in a room and he orders Ali Baksh that if she tries to escape then he can shoot her.

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