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Ye Dil Mera Episode-3 Review: Noor has a heavy crush on Amaan

Drama serial Ye Dil Mera, a perfect thriller is becoming our favourite serial for which we wait for the whole week and it makes us hooked to the screen till the end of the episode. Based on Farhat Ishtiaq’s novel, the play is featuring Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir in the lead roles, after the massive hit of Yaqeen Ka Sakar, this couple is back to rule our hearts.

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The episode begins when Amaan and Noor were sitting in the golf club, they were talking and Noor’s father is praising Amaan on his business skills and vision. It seems like Noor is also getting impressed by him. She gets really gets annoyed and irritated when her father stops her from drinking cold water, she feels embarrassed in front of Amaan, as what he might be thinking about her, she thinks that he must be laughing on her for being treated as a baby.


Noor gets a Facebook Friend request by Amaan which makes her so happy but she holds the request and thought to accept it the next day but then she sees that the request has been deleted! She gets very upset but then her friend suggests her to send him the request which she did and her request gets accepted. She is really very happy these days and her father has also noticed this changed in her attitude. She has applied for Amaan’s AK oil refineries for internship despite her father’s resistance.


Noor’s father’s company gets a huge loss and he is terribly upset about it. It seems like there exists a rival of him. Noor’s father has a dark side too and it also seems that he keeps a secret relationship as well. He feels so disturbed over his company’s loss that he says he wants a break and that he wants to go to Karachi, it is revealed that he has a  wife in Karachi! that makes us wonder that Noor does not know about his father’s second wife.


Amaan is looking at all the internship requests applications himself and upon seeing Noor’s application he puts her application in the selected candidates for the interview and he says that he will himself take all the interviews. Noor goes to Amaan’s office for the internship interview dressed formally, and during the interview Amaan treats her quiet weirdly, asking stupid questions and then leaves the conversation in the middle and walks away. Noor is really angry with his cold and arrogant attitude. Well, we are wondering will she be selected for this job or not?

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