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Ye Dil Mera Episode-31 Review: Aina finally finds out about her mother’s murderer

Ye Dil Mera the psychological thriller airing at HUM TV has reached its climax. Although this episode is quite dragging, it has shown a major development with Aina’s realization of her past when she goes to her old summer’s house, all her past memories are revived. She gets to know about her mother’s murderer. In this episode, Sajal’s performance is an absolute winner.

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The episode begins when Farhana Khala and Buwa Jee arrive at Amaan’s cottage and Amaan welcomes them warmly but Farhana khala is being rude with Amaan because she is worried for Aina. When she meets Aina and tells her that she has come to meet her all the way from America and reached Darya Bhaag with the help of Buwa Jee it makes Aina alarmed, she is wondering that how come Buwa jee knows about Darya Bhaag?


Aina pleads Buwa jee to tell her the truth but then when she sees Buwa jee reluctant she loses her mind and she yells at her to tell her the truth. Buwa Jee tells her that they use to come here when she was a child and that haveli is her summer’s house but when she asks Buwa Jee about Amaan’s accusations on Agha Jaan she does not clearly tell her the truth. Agha Jaan on the other hand is out of her mind he is now behaving like a lunatic, he is so dead sure that he is going to lose her Noor e Jahan.

Well, here Ahad’s performance is incredible the scene where he and Buwa Jee meet and Amaan tries to shake Buwa jee’s conscience by telling her not to hide anything from her, if she really wants to see her in s sane state of mind otherwise the current state of her mind will eventually turn her mad. The strangest part is that despite knowing all the reality she still believes that her father cannot be a murderer.


Aina when enters into that summers house, all her past memories revive with the help of the old setting, the pictures, the toys, she is literally hearing her mother’s voices. Then she sees the window that night when she escapes with her mother and then following the path with the help of the settings, the river, the railway station, she recollects and relives that trauma again. She sees Ali Buksh killing her mother right in front of her eyes! She sees her dead mother! Now Aina has fully realized that who is behind her mother’s murder and how she has been deceived all her life! Will she able to forgive her father?

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