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Ye Dil Mera Episode-32 Review: Reality of Ania’s father is revealed before her

Ye Dil Mera the most popular drama serial running at HUM TV is an amazing psychological thriller. This particular episode is absolutely fantastic and the best thing about it is the perfect unfolding of the reality and events synchronizing well with Aina’s revived memories. Aina sees his father’s monstrous side. Sajal Aly has given an award-winning performance in this episode simply brilliant. In fact, I do not find the exact words which can justify praising Sajal’s performance in this episode.

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The episode begins when Aina is on the railway station platform mourning her mother’s death and seeing the murderer with her eyes. It is as painful as reliving that trauma. Well, a question arises that how come Aina’s memories never revived when she sees Ali Baksh, she in her consciousness when she has seen him shooting her mother but never it never had crossed her mind? How can memories be suppressed like that? It is not making any sense.


Buwa jee’s never-ending Namak Halali is again not making any sense. She is not uttering a single word when even Aina blames her to be a liar and fooling her all the life. She tells him that she knows Ali Baksh has killed her mother, she has seen her with her eyes now she wants to know the name of the one who had ordered Ali Baksh to kill her mother but still, Buwa jee nor Farhana Khala uttered a single word. Well, it is obvious that Ali Baksh always does whatever her father asks him to do but her mind is not ready to accept that his father can be a murderer. She seeks Allah’s guidance in this case.


Her another lost memory revives and she sees her mother’s burial from her eyes where she sees Ali Baksh and Agha Jaan digging the grave. She sees Agha Jaan! Aina is deeply disturbed to see all that and goes at her mother’s grave and starts digging the grave, there she sees her mother’s bracelet and it seems that it is enough evidence that her mother is buried here. Meanwhile, Mir Farooq and Ali Baksh reach Amaan’s house and there he comes to know that Aina is at their summers house.

Aina is sitting at the grave in a crazy like state when Mir Farooq arrives with Ali Baksh at the summer house. Mir Farooq has realized that he has lost her daughter forever. Here Sajal has come up with a super brilliant performance. She makes her father confessed that he has committed all the murders. She cannot bear the fact that her father is a murderer! I hope the coming episode will be the last one.

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