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Ye Dil Mera Episode-4 Review: What is Amaan’s mystery?

Ye Dil Mera, the psychological thriller drama serial is one of our most awaited drama serials. Penned down by veteran writer Farhat Ishtiaq, the drama is based on her novel with the same title. The play is based on two main characters Noor and Amaan, they both have a troubled past but it seems like they are connected in some way. The element of mystery and suspense is very much present in the play.

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The episode begins when Noor’s father Mir Farooq arrives in Karachi and there he has a wife! He is married! Noor and other family do not know about his marriage. It seems like he is happy with his marriage and loves his wife but not more than Noor! He is going out for dinner with her when Noor calls and insists that he comes back and have dinner with her. He immediately changes his plan and leaves for Islamabad. He tries to console his wife with money but she is extremely jealous with Noor.


Well, we are wondering what is Amaan’s mystery? Why he is so strange and mysterious. He seems to have a troubled mind as his past keeps haunting him all the time.  His character makes us wonder what happened to him in the past? His attitude with Noor is also very strange and mysterious, he initially seems very enthusiastic to hire Noor, he shortlists her name, and he conducts the interview and then he just rejects her!


Noor is extremely disturbed on not getting selected for the internship, she cries in front of her father. Her father calls Amaan and requests him to consider Noor for internship, the whole-heartily agrees and she is called for the job. She works there and is not happy working there anymore. Amaan is treating her like he does not know her and even she is made to do petty tasks like a clerk. Noor is wondering why Amaan is behaving like that with her.


Noor is talking with her khala on phone and by the way, they start discussing Noor’s father and his love for her mother. Noor’s mother’s death anniversary is coming and she tells her that her father will donate charity at Cancer hospital and they will spend the time with kids there. Noor’s khala is praising her father that he passionately loves his sister that after so many years of her death he has not remarried. Noor says that he respects her father a lot for the fact that he has not married again after her mother’s death little she knows that his father has a wife in Karachi.

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