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Ye Dil Mera Episode-5 Review: Amaan is in love with Noor!

Noor is also has a disturbed life just like Amaan.

Ye Dil Mera Episode-5 ReviewIn this episode Amaan is in love with Noor - OyeYeah

Ye Dil Mera one of our favorite psychological thriller has on aired its another episode. The play is based on the novel by veteran writer Farhat Ishtiaq with the same title. The story revolves around two main characters Noor and Amaan playing by Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir and after the massive success of Yaqeen Ka Safar, people’s favorite couple is back.

The episode begins with Amaan playing piano and recalling his past, the time he has spent with his mother when his mother plays piano with her same favorite melody and song. It is shown that by recalling those days and her mother, his expressions get hardened and he becomes so disturbed that he starts fiercely playing piano and then he gets fainted! we are wondering what has happened with him in his past that he becomes so disturbed.


Noor is given to complete a report and she has to present it to the CEO, Amaan calls Noor at his office and badly scolds her for doing mistakes in the report. Noor is not habitual of this behavior she gets hurt but she says that all mistakes are very minor. Amaan said a mistake is a mistake being minor does not matter but when she leaves he agrees that those mistakes are minor but he uses them as an excuse to call her at his office. He is so much in love with her and so is Noor who forgets the rude scolding he has given her, she corrects the mistake and submits the report on time.


Mir Farooq, Noor’s father has a really dark side which no one has seen. The way he punished his employee Hummayun in Singapore, he killed him and no one gets to know the reason for his death. He is pretending in front of others that he is very sorry about his death. Although Mir Farooq is married and it has been now 7 years since he is married but he has not given his wife anyplace near to Noor. On his Wedding anniversary when his wife complains to him about giving Noor preference on her, he snubs her and hurts her by saying that she has a just 3 words away relation which he can break anytime and can replace her but how dare she compared herself with his daughter!


Noor also has a troubled life similar to Amaan, she gets frequent nightmares and is claustrophobic. Amaan gets to know about it when he sees her getting panicked in the elevator. Noor is so disturbed by this that she cried her heart out to her Buwa that why she is like that and she is not normal. Amaan too seems to be worried for her. He calls her as well at her landline number but Buwa tells him that she is sleeping. The next day Amaan calls her, asks her about his father and also appreciates her on the efforts she has put in completing the report.

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