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Ye Dil Mera Episode-6 Review: Amaan proposes Noor!

Amaan asks Ghanzafar to talk with Mir Farooq for his proposal

Ye Dil Mera Episode-6 ReviewIn this episode Amaan proposes Noor - OyeYeah

Ye Dil Mera is a very engaging psychological thriller, penned down by veteran writer Farhat Ishtiaq. After the massive success of Yaqeen Ka Safar, the trio combo of the writer and the main leads are back in this play. Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir’s chemistry is so lit. In this episode, Amaan proposes Noor, who is already in love with him so its a yes from her side.

Amaan and Noor are talking and then once again Noor has to go down and this time Amaan insists that she takes the elevator and she does not have to worry as he is with her. Well, Amaan may sound bit sadist knowing that she is claustrophobic but then he tries to help her out facing this fear and surprisingly she survived this fear and she is not that bad as she expected to be, in fact, Mir Farooq Noor’s father is getting panicked to know that she has come through lift.


Mir Farooq’s second wife is talking with her sister how Mir Farooq has helped her and her family out and changed their status as they used to be very poor. Her sister is advising her to have a child of their own as if God Forbid something happens with Mir Farooq who will accept her and what will she get as he has not declared their marriage and she should try to have a son otherwise his daughter Noor will be the owner of all the properties.


Amaan visits Mir Farooq’s house and there they were having a conversation where Mir Farooq is saying that he cannot bear any pain of Noor on which Amaan says that yes one cannot bear the pains of one’s own child but one cannot feel the pain of other’s child. Well, this one-liner is speaking volumes, making us wonder if there is  any history of Amaan with Mir Farooq? and then when Bilqees Bowa comes into the room,  there is an expression of recognition on Amaan’s face and it seems that he knows her. Well, it seems like Amaan knows this family.


Amaan calls Noor at his office and there he proposes her! confessing his feelings for her and Noor who was already is in love with him since the day she feels protected by him in the lift, cannot say no, in fact she is very happy and smiling. So its a yes from her side! Amaan asks Ghanzfar to talk with Mir Farooq about his proposal on which Ghanzafar like a true gentleman visits Mir Farooq and tells him that Amaan is an ideal boy for Noor. Mir Farooq asks for some time to consider this proposal.

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