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Ye Dil Mera Episode 8 Review: Noor shares her traumatic nightmare with Amaan

 A classiest psychological thriller in the running, Ye Dil Mera is surely one of our much-awaited and favorite Prime Time Watch. Penned down by veteran writer Farhat Ishtiaq, the incredible team with the same lead is back to win our hearts. In this episode, it seems like Noor’s life long traumatic nightmare has somewhat linked with Amaan. What’s the mystery?

The episode begins when Mir Farooq’s second wife gets the news of Noor’s engagement through her sister and she feels so bad and left out. She sees the pictures of the engagement on social media and on seeing Amaan’s picture, there is a bell ringing on her head that she has seen that boy somewhere but she actually can’t figure out where she has seen him. She has met him at the grocery store where Amaan helps her out in giving her ATM card she dropped.


When Mir Farooq comes to meet her she expresses out all her frustration, he instead of comforting her clearly shows her the mirror by saying that she will never get the place of his wife in public nor will she ever think of equating herself with the status he has given to his first wife. Mir Farooq’s second wife begs him to let her have their own child but he bluntly tells him that he will never allow her to have their baby as he can never let anyone take Noor’s place. He moreover rudely says that if still, he wants to be a mother then she will divorce her and then she is free to marry anyone. Mir Farooq is so angry that he leaves for Dubai right at that moment leaving her alone crying.


Aina watches the horror movie despite Bilqees Bowa’s instructions not to watch TV at night, Noor gets the same dream and she wakes up shouting and terrified, she calls Agha Jaan but he is in Dubai, she calls Amaan Bowa tries to stop her but she calls him and ask him to come at their house. He comes immediately and Aina feels so secure and safe in his arms she shares her lifelong traumatic nightmare with him and this time she adds one more detail she identifies the place like a railway station.


Amaan realizes that he is not the only one who has a disturbed mind but Aina too is disturbed and the vision Aina shares with Amaan has somehow connected with Amaan too.  As Aina shares with him that she has seen that a woman and a girl are at a railway station then there is a fire then Amaan recalls someone says that Bibi is shot at the railway station.

Noor shares the same nightmare with his psychiatrist and she then mentions Mir Farooq that Aina is happy with her engagement and also that she has seen an added detail in her dream. Noor tells that she has seen a railway station. He again asks Mir Farooq that he has ever noticed anything unusual happened in her childhood on which Mir Farooq says that she had the best and very pleasant childhood and it is shown that the psychiatrist is writing on his notepad that he is lying again in bold letters.

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