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Ye Dil Mera Episode-9 Review: Amaan is plotting against Mir Farooq!

Amaan is successful in winning Amaan's Trust

Ye Dil Mera Episode-9 ReviewIn this episode Amaan is plotting against Mir Farooq - OyeYeah News

The classy psychological thriller airing on Hum Tv is one of my most favorite Prime Time Watch, penned down by the veteran writer Farhat Ishtiaq. The play has taken a major turn in this episode when we realize that Amaan is not actually in love with Aina but he is plotting against Mir Farooq it looks like he is taking some revenge from him.

The episode begins when Amaan and Mir Farooq are meeting and Mir Farooq is telling him about Noor’s nightmares and also that it is a trivial thing she is not psychotic at all. Amaan very cleverly handles this situation and he is successful in winning Mir Farooq’s trust. He says that he respects Noor and he can understand her situation and also that he thinks of him as his own father and now Noor and Mir Farooq are his family.


Amaan is so successful in winning Mir Farooq’s trust that he even allowed her to go on lunch with him without guards! Mir Farooq’s personal guard is a bit baffled when he comes to know that he has to leave Noor and let her go alone with Amaan. When the guard tries to share his reservations over this matter with Mir Farooq that they should not be that easy-going in trusting Amaan, Mir Farooq snubs him by saying that who the hell he is to say such stuff for his son in law who is he a mere servant?


Well, our guess in the last review was correct, Amaan meets Mir Farooq’s wife on purpose in the last meeting and now he calls her in a cafe. He tells her that he needs her support as he wants to take his revenge but he does not share complete details of his plan and intentions. Mir Farooq’s wife agrees on helping him as she herself is fed up with the frequent insults she gets from Mir Farooq. She wants him to suffer and wants to see his downfall. He asks her to produce evidence about Mir Farooq’s second marriage on which she reluctantly agrees.


Amaan takes Aina at his house, it is shown that whenever Aina mentions his father’s name, he gets very disturbed. He takes her to his house and there he also cooks food for her and is very caring and romantic to her. There is the ending scene where he takes her to his room and there he in a very suspicious way locks the room and asks her that is she scared of him that she is alone with him in this room?

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