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Ye Dil Mera Episode22 Review: Mir Farooq has a long list of sins

Mir Farooq aslo attempted to rape Amaan's mother before killing her!

Ye Dil Mera Episode22 ReviewIn this episode Mir Farooq has a long list of sins - OyeYeah News

Ye Dil Mera one of the classiest psychological thrillers running on HUM TV aired another episode unfolding more of the mystery. The play is getting intense as the past is revealing, besides being a crime story and a psychological thriller, the play is addressing some serious mental health issues showing how a person’s traumatic childhood will haunt him for the rest of his life.

The episode begins with scenes of past, Amaan is recalling while playing the piano that his mother was having an argument with Mir Farooq telling him not to bother her and her family and she is straightforwardly telling him that he should not visit her nor he need to bring any gifts but Mir Farooq is trying to get close with Amaan’s father and he is showing unnecessary friendly advances which Amaan’s father finds hard to resist. He even offered him a very attractive salary package which Humera convinced him to decline


Mir Farooq is really a devil, with having so many deadly sins on his credit. He has conveniently committed such heinous sins without even feeling any sense of remorse. When Humera snubs him for insulting her husband. He plans a scheme, he asks her husband for a visit of Sialkot for some work, he asked it as a personal favor which Amaan’s father feels obliged to do.


One thing is so strange that Amaan’s father takes his batman along with him, how can he leave his wife and family alone like that in such a lone forest? Well, Mir Farooq with his satanic intentions knocks at the door of Amaan’s house. It is such a huge mistake on Humera’s side that she gets trapped in Mir Farooq’s cheap tactic, he says that he has come to apologize to her on his past conduct. She should have not opened the door in any case. Mir Farooq literally forces himself into their cottage.


Mir Farooq starts being inappropriate with Humera, begging her to leave her husband and marry her. When Humera tries to stop him, he is becoming even crazier, she slaps hard on his face which makes him even madder. He attempts to rape her but she manages to save herself. She is extremely terrified so is Amaan. Amaan gets a nervous breakdown and collapses while recalling such traumatic scenes, how Mir Farooq with the help of Ali Baksh killed his parents along with his little sister. He collapses on the piano and his dogs tells Aina about him in his own way. Aina despite all differences is at his side trying to help him out.


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