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Yeh Dil Mera Episode-31 Review: Drama is moving towards its climax, finally!

The scene Aina sees over and over in her dreams has happened in reality in front of her!

Yeh Dil Mera Episode-31 ReviewIn this episode Drama is moving towards its climax, finally - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Moving fast towards its climax, Ye Dil Mera of HUM TV’s latest episode is better than the previous one, the story has shown some development in this episode, as well as the sequence of events, seems to move towards the climax. Sajal Aly’s incredible performance is an absolute winner, Ahad Raza Mir, and Adnan Siddiqui’s performances were brilliant as well.

Buwa jee narrates to Farhana Khala that how brutally her sister was murdered by Mir Farooq and how she tried her best to help her in her escape but eventually Mir Farooq and Ali Baksh have caught her and killed her at the spot in front of Aina. The scene Aina sees over and over in her dreams is the one which has actually happened with her but Mir Farooq has suppressed her memories by continuously negating it and then through regular counseling.


Farhana is devastated to hear that her dear sister has not died in an accident but in fact she was brutally murdered by her husband. She questions Buwa Jee that why knowing about this heinous sin she still sided with Mir Farooq? Why she is always hiding this truth from her family. Well the reason Buwa jee gives for that was bit absurd she could have said that she did that just because she does not want to disturb Aina or she is trying to protect her in this way but she states that she did all this because she does not want to betray her superiors what she is doing is Namak Halali!


Aina’s hear voices again and it seems that all her past memories have been revived and she has fully realized that she is not seeing illusions it all actually happened with her, she has been in at this place before. She has recognized Amaan and that her mother was friends with Amaan’s mother and all these revived memories are making her maniac. Sajal Aly has given an absolutely remarkable performance in this scene where she is confessing that she has realized what all she keeps in her dreams and what echoes in his mind is real and she perfectly portrayed her mental turmoil she is going through.


Amaan calls Mir Farooq and the way he threatens him that he is to kill Aina is spine chilling and give us goosebumps. The way he says that he will make Aina go through the same pain and annihilation he has made his mother and family go through. Well in real Amaan does not intend to harm Aina but how he is making Mir Farooq realize the magnitude of his sin and the pain he caused to him and his family, by making him imagine Aina’s situation, as she is going through the same pain procedure has madden Mir Farooq. It seems like he has been shaken from inside. The episode ends when Farhana Khala and Buwa jee arrives at Amaan’s cottage.

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