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Yunhi Episode-15 Review: Kim takes a stand for Surraiya

Dada Jaan fixes Surraiya and Hamid's engagement without even asking Surraiya's consent

Hum TV Drama serial Yunhi is an eye candy with its aesthetics and pleasing color palette and on top of that it is a treat to watch Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf’s sizzling chemistry on screen. In the previous episode, we have seen that Kim makes a deal with Dawood about the future of their marriage. In this episode, it is shown that Kim once again taking a firm stand against injustice, and this time she is taking a stand for Surraiya.

Kim is looking absolutely gorgeous in her pink attire and it seems like Dawood is smitten by her beauty. Dawood’s phuhpoo and Phupha surprise the guests with a sudden request of accepting their son Hamid’s proposal for Surraiya. Well, there must be some ulterior motives of Dawood’s Phupha behind it but apparently, this proposal has made Basharat and Razia very happy, they feel they are kinda relieved from the hassle of finding a suitable guy for their daughter.

Dada Jee also seems happy about that and he has almost agreed when Kim intervenes, spoiling the mood of Dada Jee she starts taking a firm stand for this hasty decision saying that how can he take Surraiya’s important life decision without even asking for her consent for once? Here Kim is rightly objecting but Dada Jee is not happy with her objection. He says that he is the one who takes decisions for his family.

Dada Jee tells Kim that he even not cared to ask Dawood when he took his wedding decision. Kim bluntly says in front of all that he was wrong too in that case he should have taken Dawood’s consent. Dawood tries to silence Kim but she is not in the mood to stay quiet she says that it is Surraiya’s right to accept or reject this proposal. Thank God Kim has not told in front of everyone that Surraiya likes someone else.

Zulfi comes to meet Kim but he finds Iqbal alone he starts reminding her of her lost love memories. Iqbal tries to avoid him. Dawood warns Kim to stay away from Surraiya’s matter. She tells him that Surriaya likes someone he simply shuns that idea. Later when Dada Jee asks Iqbal to tell Surraiya about her engagement, Surraiya’s reaction is shocking for everyone. She clearly rejects this proposal saying that she is not interested. Razia like a typical mother-in-law starts blaming Kim for it. Surprisingly Dawood asks her mother to rethink about this proposal he says if she is not happy we should not pressurize her. Razia is not in the mood to follow this idea. Well, we are very curious to know who is playing the role of Hamid in this play. Interesting buildup.

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