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Yunhi Episode-4 Review: Kim is testing Dawood’s patience

Dawood's mother trying to pair up Iqbal with Dr Naveed

Yunhi the drama serial airing on HUM TV seems to be slow-paced and has quite an old-school plot. Kim’s character portrayal continues to be problematic Thank God in this episode she has not uttered the word “Terrorist”. Other performances are good and we kinda like this play despite it having so many loopholes. In the previous episode, Kim’s character portrayal disappointed the audience. In this episode, we find her character a bit toned down though still testing Dawood’s as well our patience.

Daniyal’s unrealistic aspirations to marry Kim and get his life settled make him quite a dumb character and this narrative is so dated. Daniyal’s fight with Husna looks cute but at the same time that bubbly girl Husna does not seem like someone who is a topper as well as a CSS aspirant her character is simply not giving that vibe. By the way who fights like that on a lane in such a loud way? So can we assume that Husna and Daniyal have done with each other?

We are wondering why Dada is so insisting Dawood take good care of Kim? is there something cooking in his head? Does Dada also want to pair up Dawood with Kim? We know that Dada knows why Dr Naveed has come to Pakistan. By the way, the only sane character in this play is Dr Naveed. He tells his uncle that whatever he wishes is difficult to materialize because he cannot and will not go against the wishes of his daughter.

Dr Naveed and Dada’s conversation gives us more insights into their characters. Why does Dada jee hate Dr Naveed’s good old friend so much? Why he is still talking ill about him after so many years? Does it seem that the good old friend of Dr Naveed has some kind of history with Dada jee that’s why he dislikes him? It is also mentioned that the good old friend has a humbling background which may be one of the reasons why he does not approve of him.

By the way why Dawood is not letting Suraiya meet Kim? he is kind of rude too. Kim’s character is still testing Dawood as well as our level of patience. Dawood’s parents’ approach to pairing up Iqbal with Dr Naveed again seems so unrealistic and outdated. Kim goes out of the house and tells Dawood about her research on Pakistani men and then ends up taking a ride with a stranger all looks so weird. A major flaw in writing and direction. Well still interested to watch Yunhi?

Rameeza Nasim

Rameeza Nasim, a Paralian, passionate about poetry, drama and fiction. By giving drama critiques I feel like I am endorsing the writer's message to the audiences, I love my job. Being a critic responsibility lies on my shoulders to point out the flaws and shortcomings of the play be it on writer's , performers or director's end . I did my Masters in English Literature and Linguistics .

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