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Yunhi Episode-5 Review: The outdated narrative of the story is dragging the show

By the way, Kim's name is Kaneez Fatima and she hates to be called by her real name.

Hum TV drama serial Yunhi is 5 episodes down and still the story and characters are not growing on us. In fact, the audience is not ready to accept an outdated story narrative. Kim’s character continues to disappoint. There is a major flaw in the writing and direction. Apart from all these shortcomings, the old-school play vibes are pleasant. We need to know more about other characters, particularly Dawood.

Kim ends up sitting on a bike with a complete stranger despite claiming of having enough research on Pakistani men and society. Dawood shows up and pulls her out of the bike and drags her back to the house. Kim accuses him of following her and protecting her. She gets fumed when he says being a guest is a matter of honour for his family. Kim clearly says she is not part of the family. To our surprise, Dr Naveed has not corrected her daughter once on her misbehaviour.

Is Kim really taking interest in Dawood? The way she tells him to take her for an outing suggests so. Dawood on the other hand ignores her and leaves for his work. Whereas Daniyaal is ready to entertain his foreign cousin in hopes that she might take interest in him as well and changes his life. Well, Kim is full-time ignoring poor Daniyaalas as she is romantically not available. The mugging scene is a highly exaggerated one and is politically incorrect to show nowadays when the crime rate is skyrocketing in our city, it conveys negative messaging. Resisting or reacting with snatchers is the most foolish and risky thing to do.

Dr Naveed’s character is also quite interesting, Deepak Parwani has nailed it with his brilliant performance he looks exactly like an ex-pat, unlike Kim who fails to make us believe that she is an American. Dr Naveed and Iqbal’s chemistry looks good but Kim really misbehaving with her, not for a single moment he has snubbed her daughter for misbehaving with an elder woman or for calling her by name.

It seems that the audience is not ready to buy this outdated story narrative as Kim says that according to her research, typical Pakistani men keep 3 to 4 wives! I am really interested to see the websites and documentaries Kim has researched. By the way, Kim’s name is Kaneez Fatima and she hates to be called by her real name. Dawood’s life has a twist as well when Kim accidentally sees Dawood’s pic hidden in a book with a girl with the caption “Akhri Mulaqaat”. Wow, Dawood has a history. Interesting!

Rameeza Nasim

Rameeza Nasim, a Paralian, passionate about poetry, drama and fiction. By giving drama critiques I feel like I am endorsing the writer's message to the audiences, I love my job. Being a critic responsibility lies on my shoulders to point out the flaws and shortcomings of the play be it on writer's , performers or director's end . I did my Masters in English Literature and Linguistics .

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