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Yunhi Episode-6 and 7 Review: Chemistry starts developing between Kim and Daoud

Kim's frankness with Zulfi is not making any sense

Hum TV drama serial Yunhi despite having a poorly written protagonist is still a treat to watch because of its beautiful frames and other interesting characters. Being Bilal Asharaf’s TV debut it is great to see him on screen and despite the writing flaws Maya Ali and Bilal Asharaf’s chemistry looks great. In the previous episode, we are a bit off because of its dated narrative. In this episode, it is shown that chemistry started developing between Kim and Daoud.

As we anticipated that there must be some history of Zulfi with Daoud’s household. Zulfi arrives at the house and Iqbal opens the door. We are guessing right Iqbal and Zulfi have a history they were romantically involved with each other in their youth and maybe this is the reason why Dada Jee dislikes Zulfi. Well to our surprise Kim whole heartily welcomes him in quite a frank manner which also makes no sense although it goes well with her established character.

We are missing Deepak Parwani in the scene his screen presence as Dr Naveed seems pleasant. Even Dada Jee is endorsing Iqbal to forgive Dr Naveed but I do not like him thinking to marry her off to Naveed. Dada jee does not approve of Zulfi being close to Kim. He asks Daoud to take care of Kim. Kim asks him to drop her at Zulfi’s place where she raises important questions about being the bread earner of the house. This conversation on cultural clash starts developing chemistry between Daoud and Kim.

Zulfi’s house setting is interesting but Kim’s over-frankness with Zulfi is making her a weird character. Kim sees his letters to Iqbal lying on his table. She is wondering who is Iqbal but never a bell rings in her head. Through that conversations, it seems like they have a deep bond. Iqbal has also kept all his letters saved in the lock. Kim’s adventures with Zulfi on Karachi’s road are fun-filled but bizarre for her to use the public bus sitting in the men’s section in that western outfit.

Kim’s weird joke about proposing to Zulfi is not out of her character and Iqbal leaving the place has not yet rung a bell in her mind that this might be the same, Iqbal. Kim on her street adventure sees Suriya with her boyfriend and guess what she is asking her about the boy right in front of her brothers. To our surprise, none of the brothers gets alarmed at the mention of her with a boy! Suraiya covers the whole issue quite wisely but still, she narrowly escaped this situation.


Rameeza Nasim

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