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Bandish Episodes 25 & 26 Review: Sumbul’s reality comes forth!

Junaid shuns Sandal after knowing Sumbul's reality


Black magic, no matter how horrific it sounds, has the power to destroy lives. More and more people are becoming involved in these satanic practices regardless of the consequences. These devilish black magic practices are commonly prevailing in our societies and the issue, which seriously needs to be addressed has been picked up brilliantly by ARY Digital in drama serial Bandish. Plus the brilliant performances by Marina Khan, Sajjid Hassan, Farah Shah and Hira Mani have made Bandish a good ride, up till now.

So what went in the second last episodes of Bandish? Here’s a recap;

Sania finally escapes Sumbul’s den in the last episodes but it does not mean that her troubles have ended. She cannot remember anything about the days she spent there and about Sumbul. Her mind is blank, she feels like as if she just slept and woke up the next morning. Moreover, Sumbul is still after her and now she will make Sania do her task of putting the puppet in the shrine. Moreover the deity Antosh is making Abiyaan say things, and once again Abiyaan tells Sania to visit Sumbul and also asks her not to wear the amulet when she comes with him again.

Hamza and his Murshid are continuously helping Madeeha and the family. The Murshid gives another charm to Madeeha to recite for the safety of her family. The amulets and wazeefas have saved the family and the house from Antosh. Despite of his mother’s reservations Hamza is always at Hania and her family’s side. Abiyaan is too at their side but Antosh posses his mind more often and makes him say things which are eventually going to harm Sania and her family.


Junaid gets Sania’s phone calls record and there he finds Sumbul Ikram’s calls and it suddenly clicks to his mind what Madeeha told him about Sumbul and her black magic practices. Moreover another realization blows his mind that his wife shares the same surname and she also has a mysterious sister, Sumbul, whom he never has met. Junaid makes out that his meeting with Sandal and then marrying her is not a coincidence and it is all part of a scheme. He snubs Sandal for all this and inquires that if she knows all about this scheming. Despite of Sandal’s denial Junaid drags her to Sumbul’s place.

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Juanid recognizes Sumbul instantly at the first glance and despite of Sumbul’s acting that she does not know him. Junaid starts snubbing her for all her conduct for ruining his life and family. For keeping that life long grudge against him in her heart. Junaid shuns Sandal for being part of the scheme and leaves her. Sandal goes after him like a mad person and fell off from the stairs and loses her baby. Sandal has no idea about Sumbul’s practices and also that she knows Junaid and Madeeha and that they were class fellows. Sandal realizes that she has committed a huge sin and she starts repenting it. She even call Madeeha in the hospital and begs forgiveness from her telling her how Sumbul had spelled her to do this. Madeeha is relieved when her own husband realizes his mistake and asks her to forgive him. It seems like things are getting better but then Junaid is shown getting a paralysis attack. Is Sumbul at work again or will Madeeha and Junaid be able to save themselves and their family from her this time?

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