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Hasad Episode 9 and 10 Review: Nain Tara is Finally Standing Her Ground

Minal Khan's character is becoming an inspiration

It would not be wrong to say that this week’s Hasad episode was one of the best so far. With so much development on storyline and transformation in Nain Tara’s (Minal Khan) character, we couldn’t help but get engrossed in the drama.
This week started with Zareen’s (Arij Fatima) failed attempt at manipulating her fake pregnancy into a miscarriage. While khala (Saba Faisal) was once again convinced, a surprising twist came up as Farhan (Noor Hasan) burst his wife’s bubble. For the first time in 9 episodes, the moment of truth made us feel relieved for Nain Tara.
Another interesting factor to see was Nain Tara evolved into a stronger woman. Thanks to her new motherhood, it seems like Nain Tara finally learnt to speak for herself this week. From politely refusing her mother in law’s request to not leave home to assertively dismissing her sister and brother in law for the marriage proposal, Nain Tara impressed us with her astounding transformation.
This week’s highlight was Minal’s acting who gracefully evolved from a venerable widow to a strong willed mother. We are surely looking forward to more changes in her personality, and how she with the itsy bitsy support of Farhan, changes her fate for good. Zareen on the other end continues to conspire and manipulate.

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