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Iqra Aziz Starrer Jhooti, A Hit or Miss?

The teaser of the drama have angered audiences for implying domestic abuse victims as liars

Iqra AzizIqra Aziz Starrer Jhooti, A Hit or Miss - OyeYeah News

ARY just released the teaser of its upcoming drama Jhooti over the weekend, and while we may have found lead Iqra Aziz’s acting convincing, it is what the teaser implied that has left many angered.

The short teaser shows Iqra all bruised up and crying as she delivers a strong monologue over male privilege and how it is misused by many. However what comes next is unexpected as Iqra gives an evil laugh and praises herself for being an excellent liar.

The teaser is intriguing, to put it honestly, but disturbing for many who have accused the makers of Jhooti to undermine the challenges domestic abuse victims face in our patriarchal society. The audiences, particularly those giving feedback on Twitter, also called out the Syed Ramish Rizvi directorial for implying that women are nothing but liars.

“This is nothing less than sick. Such dramas reinforce the idea that women are liars & that domestic violence isn’t a problem,” said a Twitter user.

“In a country where literally no one believes or helps women survivors of domestic violence this is the kind of drama we need,” another wrote.

Some women folks also tagged Kanwal Ahmed of Soul Sisters Pakistan to raise the issue and make a social media awareness on it.

“Thanks for tagging me! The thread on this drama ongoing on the community. I feel so defeated when I see powerful institutions airing content with twisted narratives. Especially in a country with SUCH a high rate of domestic violence and victim shaming mentality,” said Kanwal in response.

Moreover, Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain, and Ahmed Ali Butt – the three leading actors were also criticized for taking up the script. So far the actors and makers of Jhooti have so far refrained from issuing clarification on the backlash.

It is a probability that once the drama is out it becomes likable by the audience for addressing a bigger issue and what is shown in the teaser might just be a misunderstanding of perception.

Only time can tell but one thing is for sure, Jhooti has managed to garner quite a lot of attention.

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