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10 songs from the 90s that every Pakistani is guilty of loving

We might be travelling into the future at the speed of light but there are some things that will never be forgotten. For example Pakistani pop songs from the 90s; we loved them then, and we love them now! No matter how nonsensical the lyrics may be or how ridiculous the videos may seem. Even after ages, every time we hear them playing now, we can’t help but sing along and shake a leg to the catchy beats.

Oh, and there’s absolutely no reason to feel guilty! As long as they make you happy, know that nothing else matters. Besides, how many songs leave a lasting impact?

Let’s have a look at 10 songs from the 90s that every Pakistani is guilty of loving:

Aara Pajama by Ali Haider

A song that talks about saiyaan’s aara pajama and a resham qamarbandh questioning where he went and revealing where we last saw him. The song became an instant mehendi favorite and continues to play till date. Not just that, Ali Haider and Nirma give Govinda and Karishma Kapoor’s fashion sense and dance skills some serious competition.


Mr. Fraudiay by Awaz

“Mr. Fraudiay”is a tongue in cheek satire on the corruption in Pakistan. If there was corruption earlier in the 90s, then it has only increased over the years. So, the song still holds the same popularity it did before. In fact, it makes even more sense now and that’s probably why it was covered on Nescafe Basement too. Does Tariq Amin’s bald look remind you of anyone?


Chief Saab by Sajjad Ali

Sajjad Ali is a magician when it comes to music; everything he touches turns to gold! Chief Saab is the song we grew up singing but were never sure of the lyrics. We always thought he said Cheap Saab, didn’t we?

No Love by Dr Aur Billa

‘Tumsey achi tu hai meri car, Tum sey achay tu hain meray yaar’ speak the heart of all men who have had a bad experience at love and that is probably the reason every guy automatically got addicted to this particular track. Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar, Tauba tauba astaghfar!

Fikar Na Faqa by Sharique Roomi

Fiqar na Faqa is probably the Pakistani version of Hakuna Matata! Our very own problem-free philosophy which tells us to forget about your worries and your strife! Fikar na faka, aish kar kaka,Yeh hai nara fala falaka!

Dupatta by Hadiqa Kiani

Now, any girl who tells you she wasn’t obsessed with this song or malmal kay dupattay is lying. No matter now cool we thought we were, we all played this song on full volume and dreamt of our prince charming! And not just that, Hadiqa Kiani was style goals even then.

Husn Walo By Fakhr E Alam

Too much Husn and talent combined in just one song! Can you rock pink pants and that jacket like Fakhr e Alam? After all these years, we can still listen to this song without getting bored.

Bhangra Pao by Fakhar e Alam

Fakhr e Alam rapped when rap music wasn’t even known in Pakistan much! And that’s why two of his songs make it to our list. Girls and guys, let’s do the bhangra!

Mehjabeen By Shehzad Roy

Not many have heard this one, but those who have still remember it! Young Shehzad could charm anyone with his voice and looks. Oh oh oh oh…


Billo De Ghar By Abrar Ul Haq

Kinney kinney jana billo dey ghar? We’ve all wanted to, haven’t we? This is the song that made Abrar rise to instant fame making billo so famous that people would actually wait in lines to buy the cassettes’ and hear Abrar sing live!



Did we miss a song that could’ve made it to the list? Send in your feedback and let us know! Until then, shamelessly play these songs on repeat and enjoy!

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