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2 Disney x Pixar movies with the greatest life lessons of all time

They are not just some ordinary fairy tales.


Disney movies have always been very crystal clear. In Disney movies, you can clearly know who is good and who is evil. Yes, it has been that simple. But since Disney and Pixar joined, the quality of Disney movies have been improved drastically as far as stories and themes are concerned. Pixar has always been practical and realistic about that entire ‘good and evil’ thing. And such movies have taught a lot of life lessons which are helpful for both kids and adults as well.


Coco is a well-deserved Academy award winning animated movie which has a lot of twists and turns that make the movie more interesting to watch. And with such unique and intriguing storyline and plot, this is one movie with full of lessons.

1. If you have a point, prove it by doing it

Breaking the boundaries of a tradition is a crucial yet difficult task. No matter how destructive a tradition might be, you cannot stop it just by asking others to stop it. You have to begin doing it yourself. You have to act first in order to bring the change so others can know and realize your point.

In the movie, Miguel struggles to follow his dreams but his family is not supportive of his wants and goals. He not only resists joining his family business of making shoes, but he also goes against the family tradition of the ‘music ban’ in the family. But in the end he proves his point by pursuing what his heart wants.

2. Don’t be too lost in following your dreams that you lose your principles.

When we enter our adult life, adulating seems extremely difficult and challenging. And we do face so many challenges once we’re adult, especially if you have a family to support and to look after.
In the movie, Hector leaves his family and his hometown as he want to become a famous musician. But unfortunately he gets played on and does not get a chance to explain the truth to his family before he dies. And the family thinks that he has abandoned him. This teaches us that we don’t always have to lose something to gain something better. And if your family is in the equation, you should never ever get yourself into a situation where you have to sacrifice something.

3. Adults and elders, you are supposed to tell your stories to the younger generations.

If you really want your legacy to continue, be it some family tradition or anything that matters to you, or anything significant that happened to you that gave you some lesson, tell that to the younger generations. This way, it builds a bond of trust and understanding between you and your youngers.

In the movie, it is clear how close Miguel is to her grandma Coco. And this way he is able to remember how his great-great-grand father was into music and how he has got the same trait.

4. Family Matters

The movie also signifies the importance of family in form of a Mexican tradition. It shows how we should always remember the members of our family who have passed away and how we should live with the ones that are around us. The power of love from a family should never be underestimated.

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Inside out

Inside out is one of the most amazing, extremely well made animated movies I have ever watched. The movie has been able to show a human’s complicated emotions in a very simple yet beautiful way. How our mind reacts to different situations and what outcome it gives and how it affects our everyday life, everything is there to some extent. It has some great lessons for kids as well as adults who are either parents or guardians to a child.

1. Joy isn’t all what true happiness means.

Adults can understand it very well, and it needs to be understood by kids too if you want them to not get emotionally destroyed at a young age. They need to be taught that happiness doesn’t always mean your own joy, it also means the joy of the ones we love and the ones who are important for us. This will make them a kind, gentle and understanding individual.

2. Sadness is an important part of our lives.

In the beginning of the movie, Joy thinks why Sadness is in Riley’s mind and what purpose it serves in her life. Well, we all have wondered the same thing at some point in our lives. But in the end, we see how Sadness, rather than Joy, emerges as a vital part of Riley’s life. And we can see that in our lives too. Sadness deeply connects with a person. When we’re sad, we’re in our most vulnerable phase. When we’re sad, we appreciate the happy moments of our lives. Sadness makes us realize what is really important for us and who really cares about us.

In the movie, when Riley misses a shot during the game, she suddenly feels great compassion for her parents and old friends who were always there for her, who never left her side and this makes her realize what she might have been missing from her life while she was too occupied with herself.

3. Never suppress your emotions.

In a scene when Joy draws the circle of Sadness and places Sadness inside it, in psychology this behavior is called ‘emotional suppression’. It means that Riley tried to overcome her Sadness by suppressing it and keeping it inside. This actually leads to anxiety and depression. This is why adults are supposed to talk to their children about everything. Parents need to make their children too comfortable to talk to them that they never feel hesitant in telling them anything or expressing their thoughts.

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