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5 Seasons You Need to Watch Right Now!

Need some help deciding what to watch?


In need of something good to watch? Well, guess what? You’re lucky to be in the middle of what might be the best time to watch TV ever, that is because there is no shortage of amazing TV shows out there streaming on a number of online services. So what exactly should you be watching? Dont worry, we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up 5 seasons that you need to watch and will not regret even once:

  1. Friends (all seasons)- Undoubtedly, Friends has to be your number one choice when it comes to choosing the best show ever! Friends follows the lives of six people as main characters and their genuine relationship with each other. Its hilarious, its fun, its entertaining, its sad, its relatable and guess what? Its even more hilarious when you watch it repeatedly! YES! Friends never gets old and will never get old, and if you’re thinking of adding it to your list of ‘shows to watch’ you’re in for a great experience!
  2. Black Mirror – If you’re into science-fiction, then this show is just for you! Black mirror is an anthology series, which means that each episode is a stand-alone piece showing the dark side of life and technology in ways you could have never imagined. From seeking thrill to horror to crime to mystery, you’ll find it all here!
  3. Stranger Things (Since 2016)- One of Netflix’s top hits, stranger things is yet another supernatural drama you should be quickly adding to your list. Set in the fictional town of Hawkins, the first season focuses on the investigation of the disappearance of a young boy amid supernatural events occurring around the town. Moreover, what makes this show absolutely amazing is how it balances humor with horror so well, making for a varied, interesting viewing experience. So get watching right away if you’re interested in the world of supernatural and some bad-ass kids finding their way through this chaos!
  4. Game of Thrones- Well I’m sure you might have heard a lot about this particular season already and if you still haven’t watched it yet, then you know nothing! Game of thrones isnt only about castles or dragons or swords fighting as you might have seen or heard through people. Its about power and the struggle for the Iron Throne and the seven kingdoms that come with it. Although a little gory, Game of Thrones is definitely a must watch!
  5. The Vampire Diaries      Currently streaming on Netflix, the show came to an end a year ago after completing eight seasons. If you’re into a bit of teen-romance mixed with some sci-fiction characters like vampires and witches, then this show is the one for you. Set in a small town of Mystic Falls, the show surrounds an ordinary girl who soon becomes an obsession for two brothers who may not be just ordinary.

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