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8-year- old Hadia Hashmi’s mesmerising voice is winning hearts

The fifth grader performance is even being compared to Sufi music icon Abida Parveen


Nescafé Basement fifth installment started off last week has been gaining ample popularity among music lovers. The music series struggling hard to showcase the country’s raw talent and in this vain its producer, Xulfi has introduced 73 artists belonging to various music genres.

One of these artists is the eight-year-old Hadia Hashmi, who in her first performance impressed everyone with her with her mesmerising voice. The fifth grader performance in the song Bol Hu by Soch the band is even being compared to Sufi music icon Abida Parveen.

The comparison of the little girl’s soul-stirring performance with the legend Abida Perveen prompted the producer of the show, Xulfi to launch an appeal to the music listeners who took to social media requesting everyone to not put such ideas in Hadia’s mind.

He wrote on his Twitter handle, “This is a personal and humble request to everyone. Let’s not put this in Hadia’s mind that she’s the next Abida Parveen. Let her find her own person.”

“I regard the sentiment that talks about this connection and I respect it. After all, Abida Jee is one of the best artists our country has produced. But for the kid’s sake, I feel it’s important to not put definite goals in her head at this tender age. Thank you,” added Xulfi.

Hadia’s strong vocal range is winning everyone’s heart undoubtedly. Xulfi shared how he had come to know about the young talent saying, “February 2018. I discovered a free of cost academy for kids who want to learn music and don’t have the resources to do it. Discovering new talent is what the universe wants from me. I auditioned Hadia in October. In tears, I decided that day that I’ll make the world witness her talent.”

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