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Mahira Khan’s ‘Aik Hai Nigar’ wins ‘Best Asian Film’ at Septimius Awards

A moment of pride for Pakistan, indeed!

Best film awardMahira Khan’s ‘Aik Hai Nigar’ wins ‘Best Asian Film’ | OyeYeah News

Mahira Khan’s ‘Aik Hai Nigar’ wins ‘Best Asian Film’ at Septimius Awards held in the Netherlands.

Aik Hai Nigar, is a biopic starring Mahira Khan in the lead, honouring the life and works of Major General Nigar Johar, the first female officer to be promoted to the rank of lieutenant general.

Producer Nina Kashif accepted the award for Best Asian Film for her project co-produced with Mahira Khan for Soulfry Films at the prestigious Septimius Awards ceremony.

Nina was spotted rubbing shoulders with fellow winners, Oscar-winning director Christopher Hampton and Oscar-winning writer Kevin Willmot.

The category for Best Asian Film included eight films in total, including

1. Farha, a film about a 14-year-old girl in 1948 Palestine watching a catastrophe consume her house from a locked cellar;

2. 218: Behind the Wall of Silence, an Emirati film on three women sharing an apartment 218 and their tales of domestic violence, nostalgia for a lost past, and the pursuit of revenge.

3. Sermon on the Mount, a documentary on black experiences

4. Paka (River of Blood), is an Indian Malayalam drama based on a river that swells with the blood of two feuding families and a young couple that tries to overcome this hatred with their love.


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