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Ajoka Theater Festival Revamps its Structure This Year

Named 'Coronologue' the online festival has taken a new course this time to suit pandemic needs

Ajoka Theater FestivalTitled Ajoka’s' Coronologue' Online Theatre Festival, this year's theme is 'Living and Defying Corona Lockdown' - OyeYeah News

Living in these times, we have made quite many adjustments to our life to better suit the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact. One such adjustment has also been made by Ajoka, who for its theater festival this year has taken an online approach.

Titled Ajoka’s’ Coronologue’ Online Theatre Festival, this year’s theme is ‘Living and Defying Corona Lockdown’. Under the theme monologues related to the pandemic, humorous theater and solo performances and other lockdown adapted entries have been sent from all over the country. Top 5 entries would be selected in phase two to be reviewed by the judges.

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“Unlike online film festivals, Coronologue is a theatre-based online festival through which new theatrical productions have been invited to participate. These are extraordinary times and we have to undertake extraordinary initiatives to meet the challenges posed by the pandemic,” said Shahid Nadeem Executive Director Ajoka and festival curator.

The results of the competition will be announced in June and the top three entries will receive cash prizes. The winners will also get a chance to be featured online on Ajoka’s social media and YouTube channel.

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