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Ali Kazmi Makes Netflix Debut with Funny Boy

Ali Kazmi is all set to make his Netflix debut with the film Funny Boy, and mind you in Ali’s words ‘there’s nothing funny about it’.

Based on Shyam Selvadurai’s novel Funny Boy, the film is a story of a Tamil young boy in Sri Lanka growing up around the time of the revolution. Revolving around the idea of coming of age and recognition of his sexuality, the film will be directed by Deepa Mehta who has roped in actors from various nationalities.

Taking it to Instagram the actor excitedly shared details of the project.

“Coming of age, family, politics, sexuality, love in strange times and circumstances set in the 70s and 80s but even more relevant today. Its relevancy transcends time, race, religion, and cultures. It puts up a mirror to reflect the human condition,” wrote the actor.

“It takes a lot of hard work, literal blood sweat, and tears to bring a film to life and I’m so proud to be a part of this one’s journey! There’s nothing funny about #FunnyBoy!” he added.



“Two Avant-garde Women, creative powerhouses #Deepamehta #avaduvernay , One Superbly gifted time transcending Writer #shyamselvadurai and A beautiful team of humans from all across the globe (Srilanka, Canada, USA, Pakistan, and India) that one dreams of working with!”, Ali shared about the project.

“The other actors are From Srilanka, India, Canada, England, and the USA! I’m the only Pakistani and that too a lead in the film playing the Appa – the father of Funny Boy!” Ali told Dawn Images.

“Lots of hard work, research and physician mental transformations developing the character, learned how to speak Sinhalese, Tamil, and British/Colombo English accent! Delved into the history of the country and the people and the 1983 Riots and civil war! Lots of fun but lots of burden on the shoulders to portray the character as realistically and honestly as possible, ” he further added.

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