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American travel blogger inspired by Pakistan; mentions it for “World’s best hospitality”

“It really blows my mind how Pakistan has such a bad reputation around the world. This country is completely opposite in every way than what the media says. It’s safe.  It’s beautiful. It’s historical. And NEVER have I experienced hospitality even half as good as here. Pakistan Zindabad!” reads the post of Instagram by an American travel blogger Drew Binsky.

The 33-year-old American national recently traveled to Pakistan, what he only found here in the people of country is the love respect and ‘hospitality for everyone who comes to visit Pakistan. Pakistan was the 162th country where he traveled. The idea was simply to know the truth about Pakistan.

“The truth needs to be said about #Pakistan. This country is as good as it gets and I’m having the time of my life,” he wrote.

Binsky, not only enjoyed the days spent in Pakistan but he was truly inspired by the hospitality of the locals who warm welcomed him. He shared that the country’s hospitality is ‘World’s best’as he did not spend a single penny during his travels to the country “not by choice” but because “the hospitality in Pakistan is so amazing that they won’t let me pay for anything”.

The foreign traveler withdrew Rs 28,000 ($200) from an ATM when he arrived and what he spent was all null.

“Fact: I came to Pakistan and I haven’t spent any money. Why? Because nobody will let me. Seriously. This is the world’s best hospitality, by a long shot.” He wrote.

“Anywhere I go in the world, I always insist on paying — whether it be for dinners, gifts, taxi rides, experiences, you name it. But the people here in Pakistan (aggressively) won’t let me pay. It’s insane!!”

Binsky, documented his journey to Pakistan in a 60 seconds video, posted on his Instagram page.

“For the record, nobody told me to make this video. It wasn’t sponsored or requested. My content is always honest and from the heart.”


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