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The auction titled ‘The Art of Divorce’, reaped in more than $2.8 million dollars to Oscar winner actor Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe reaped in more than $2.8 million dollars in the auction titled ‘The Art of Divorce’, which was held in Sydney on Saturday. It attracted dozens of buyers and spectators.

About 200 movie costumes, props from some of Russell Crowe’s most popular films, including Gladiator, Master and Commander, LA Confidential and The Insider, went under the hammer. Articles auctioned also included a Roman style chariot, gold Rolex watch, leather jock strap and a 128 year old violin that all belonged to Australian actor Russell Crowe.


Russell Crowe made an unexpected appearance during the auction,

The auction was held on a date which would have been his 15th wedding anniversary with former wife Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe’s 54th birthday.

The auction also included some unusual items like a fossil of a dinosaur era reptile’s skull, which was previously owned by U.S. actor Leonardo Dicaprio which sold for $60,886. Some Bikes from his personal collection was also put for auction.

According to the Auction house Sotheby, many items sold for well above their estimated value, including a pair of metal cuffs the Oscar winner actor wore in film Gladiator, which was valued at up to $1,535 but sold for $29,974. The replica chariot which was used in the 2000 film Gladiator sold for $49,907.

The auction also included art pieces from Russell Crowe’s personal collection

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