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Australian twins want to marry and get pregnant by the same man!

The 'shared' boyfriend seems very happy with the entire arrangement


They share the womb first, then they share their birthdates and if the parents are having it their way, twins are made to share their clothes, toys and absolutely everything (minus a toothbrush perhaps) in most cases. However, hearing about twins sharing a man as a boyfriend is something definitely new to all of us.

Meet Anna and Lucy DeCinque, two Australian twins, who claim to be the most identical twins to be alive and share almost everything, their boyfriend as well.


Anna and Lucy DeCinque have undergone years and years of cosmetic surgery to reach the closest resemblance in their faces. The two have been living with their shared boyfriend Ben for some time now and recently expressed their wish to get pregnant with him.

The threesome currently reside together and if the law permits, they’d want to get married as well and get pregnant with the same man.

the authorLaiba Sabeen