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Azaan Sami bids farewell to Ishq-e-Laa’s Shanaya by writing a heartfelt note

We hope to see Azlaan’s journey towards Ishq-e-Laa starting now.

Azaan Sami KhanAzaan Sami bids farewell to Ishq-e-Laa's Shanaya | OyeYeah News

Azaan Sami bids farewell to Ishq-e-Laa’s Shanaya by writing a heartfelt note!

The latest episode of HUM TV’s popular drama serial in running saw the tragic death of Shanaya played by Sajal Aly.

Azaan Sami Khan, who plays the character of Shanaya’s husband Azlaan, took to his Instagram account and penned down a note for Shanaya Ahmed.

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The post reads, “In a world rampant with violence against women and a justice system that is crippled to favour the powerful Shanaya Ahmed was a figure that represented the countless lives that we as a nation and world have lost to injustice.”

“She was a figure like many who have unfortunately passed that idealistically believed their voice could dutifully fight for the right cause and would be heard but like reality has shown us time and time again, such voices are silenced and put away and the bureaucracy and plagued legal systems of today slowly frustrate those fighting for their causes and eventually fade away into nothingness till another such tragedy happens”, he added.

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He went on to add, I’m proud to have played a husband to a character like Shanaya Ahmed. I hope and pray that Ishq E Laa can prove to be a drop in the ocean towards a change that is required for anyone who comes forth to have their voices heard. An incredible performance by the one and only @sajalaly. Thank you for being a part of this project and being such great support”

Azaan concluded his note by lauding the cast and production team for a brilliant drama. 

“@qaiserahayat.official Appa and @momina.duraid Bhabi for writing a character like this. @aminiqbalofficial sir for so painfully yet truthfully executing all of this. Finally thank you to everyone who has messaged and tagged me in posts. It truly means the world, he said.

So following the development in the recent episode, we hope to see Azlan’s journey towards Ishq-e-Laa start now.

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