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Baby Shark Wants You To Wash Your Hands & Fight Coronavirus

Wash your hands doo doo doo doo


Even if you are not a parent, you’d have heard the viral children’s song Baby Shark. The song and its melody, Doo Doo Doo Doo became viral amongst children and parents and elders all had to bear listening to a bunch of sharks narrate their family tree in a crazy melody that really grew on you.

However, like everything else, the craze for Baby Shark died down with time.

But now it’s back!

Yes, you heard it right!

Baby Shark is back, but this time, it has come back for a good cause. The latest Baby Shark song urges people to wash their hands and practice good hygiene to fight off the coronavirus.

Although the melody is the same old, it might just start growing on you. But maybe just this once, you’ll let your children watch as much Baby Shark as they want to because it tells them to wash their hands, and this is exactly what is the need of the hour, considering the coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world and has already claimed 15 lives in Pakistan.

the authorLaiba Sabeen