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BTS breaks own record with “Boy with Luv” on YouTube

The song racked up over 78 million views within few hours.


Famous Korean boyband BTS has released their latest album “Map of the Soul: Persona” have smashed YouTube breaking their own records bagging the most views with their single “Boy with Luv”.

The song in the first 24 hours of its release also featured American pop star Halsey.

According to YouTube, the song racked up over 78 million views within few hours of lining up on streaming leaving behind BTS previous YouTube record by hitting 60 million hits in just 17 hours and 45 minutes.

The boyband previously had the most watched video to reach 60 million views with their song Idol.

The newly released song also topped iTunes charts in 86 countries, drew a staggering 2 million comments in the first 24 hours.

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  • Thank you for the article. BTS music inspired me alot because their music consists of mental health and having a deep message in it. I really appreciate this article. 😊

  • Thank you for this article💜
    BTS music always has a deeper meaning from social issues to understanding and accepting ones Self. They’re called the Leaders of next generation as they’re impacting the lives of tens of thousands of humans from different races and religions.
    In this day and age if someone’s not willing to give a chance to understand other cultures it’s the biggest mistake they are making. People who have the disease of racism and xenophobia should reflect on their life choices. I hope Pakistani’s stop judging ‘how they look’ and make an effort to understand that music which is meaningful transcends the barrier of language and strikes a chord with the listener.
    I’ll be looking forward to seeing similar articles from this platform.

  • Thankyou so much for writhing about BTS . In Pakistan we have so many Bts fans who wants them to get notice here and we want their merch BT21 available here too

  • BTS always inspired me!! Their Heartwork and performance both are on another level! They never dissapointed me.

  • It makes me really happy to have BTS covered by local media. Thank you for searching up on them and writing a beautifully summarized article.

  • Thank you so much for publishing this beautiful article about BTS💜. They are surely remarkable and amazing.
    BTS is love

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