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BTS’s Jungkook to release a mixtape

Reports revealed that Jungkook is working on multiple songs to release.


Jungkook, the member of internationally acclaimed boy-band BTS, has given a clue that he wanted to release a mixtape since ages. Jungkook has announced to ARMY that he is still working on mixtape while he appeared with J-Hope on a VLIVE.

Reports revealed that Jungkook is working on multiple songs to release. ARMY guessed that ‘Jungkook mixtape’ means a music video could be released soon as he has been growing out his hair for months and everyone loves his long hair.

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It was earlier that Jungkook planned to release a song right after BTS’s vacation ended, but he was not happy with it. So he is working on multiple songs to release.

“The idea was to share it after the break but I didn’t feel satisfied, so it won’t be a single song,” said Jungkook.

After Jungkook announcement of the mixtape, ARMY freaked out on Twitter. He announced his mixtape just hours after J-Hope released “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

There is no such thing as rest in the BTS fandom. The boy-band seems to never rest because they release so much content. ARMY never rests because of all the content released.


A fan tweeted, “Jungkook said he wanted to release a song after the break too but he wasn’t satisfied with it so he’s working on more than one song that means we’re getting a whole mixtape? a whole jjk1? perhaps a music video? with his LONG HAIR?”


Another fan wrote on Twitter, “Thinking about how Jungkook broke the twitter app on his birthday & weverse got crashed when he just posted. His solo song ‘Euphoria’ achieves so many records with having an mv. Imagine how it’d be when he will drop his mixtape, this would be another level of POWERFUL”.

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