Bulbulay Boasts Over 500 Episodes and 11 Years On Air

Hate it or love it, you definitely know of this sitcom


Popular comedy-drama Bulbulay that is famous for its phrases like ‘Shutup Nabeel’ and ‘Chupayy’ in Momo’s voice has one more reason to boast about its success. This week the drama completed over 500 episodes and 11 years on-air, and the crew members and cast have every reason to celebrate.

What started off as a humble beginning in 2009 as Nabeel and Mehmood Aslam starrer drama first came out, not many (including the team behind) would have imagined the attention this drama will receive in the coming years. And probably neither of the writing and directing team put a lot of thought into the content they wanted to proceed with.

Or so was the consequence of thoughtless input that resulted in some of the most cringeworthy moments Pakistani television history has witnessed. The difference here was that the viewers, quite a lot of them the uneducated lot, found offensive dialogues endorsing sexism, colorism, mockery on the basis of appearance humorous and worthy of their television time.

In result, Bulbulay got ratings that it required, cash flow kept coming in, actors kept getting paid and nobody again thought that improvement is needed. Or worse, nobody realized that the content was deteriorating with every episode, every week and every year.

Eleven years down the lane, Bulbulay is celebrating for being the most run television show with an audience competitive of global shows. While it is worthy of celebration and every reason to boast, here’s hoping the team behind the show realizes its potential too and the magnitude of this show which is watched by all age groups, all households and audiences across the country.

Maybe somewhere along the line, a thought has to be given to the kind of message this show can convey and utilize its stardom for reasons other than ratings. We hope, and as viewers, we expect that too.

the authorAisha Arshad