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Cake The Film Prologue: A peek into Adnan and Zara’s love life

Cake’s webisode 1 bring news excitement


Can you show a love story in a little under 2 minutes? Asim Abbasi sure can. The much awaited Cake prologue further showcases what a talented story teller the Cake director is. It was supposed to be about the back story of Adnan and Zara. In the film, we saw that Zara was going through a break up. Remember that ‘showdown’ scene as they travel to the village? She was dealing with what seemed like a divorce settlement.

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The prologue tells us the love story of Adnan and Zara. How they met, fell in love, got married (or at least engaged) and started living together. But doing it in less than 2 minutes, was perhaps the biggest challenge. We knew Zara, but Adnan was just a name mentioned. The director cleverly uses Zara’s character to tell us this love story. It’s Zara who spills the drink, it’s her lip gloss, and it is her excitement at the new home.

The camera work matches the pacing of the story and music will you interested. Eagerly awaiting to see what the 2nd webisode brings for us. The prologue is just as amazing as the film. Cake has us hooked, even after its release.


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