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Call Celebrates the Spirit of Independence with Pakistan Zindabad!

They say the war in 1965 was fought by the army on the borders, but the lyricists, composers and vocalists of Pakistan played an equal role in keeping the whole nation motivated. Staying true to that tradition and the national spirit, Call came up with a patriotic song for Pakistan Day.



The renowned music band has been successful in keeping the listeners engaged due to their energetic performance. The lyrics are catchy and keep the listeners humming and tapping their toes throughout the 6-minute video while chanting Pakistan zindabad continuously.

The video itself, directed by Murtaza Niaz, reeks of patriotism and Call’s passion for not only music but the country, Pakistan. They have taken at least 40 Pakistani drummers and percussionists including the veterans Fawad Khan on board who worked passionately for 10 hours without a break to shoot the video. It has been shot in Lahore.

According to Call, this is a new beginning for them. They plan on going big in the next few months with more tracks and live performances. Keep it up, Call! Pakistan zindabad!

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