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Cannes Film Festival bans Russian delegations

Cannes Film Festival has banned the Russian delegations in wake of the ongoing war in Ukranine.

The organizers of the biggest film festival in the world have joined the growing number of industry events to express solidarity with Ukraine and announce boycotts against Russia.

“The Cannes Festival wishes to express all its support to the Ukrainian people,” its team said in a statement.

“We are adding our voice to those who oppose this unacceptable situation and denounce the attitude of Russia and its leaders.

“It has been decided — unless the war of aggression ceases under conditions that satisfy the Ukrainian people — to not welcome official delegations from Russia or to accept the slightest presence linked to the Russian government.”

“Faithful to its history, which began in 1939 in resistance to fascist and Nazi dictatorship, the Cannes Festival will always put itself at the service of artists and film professionals who raise their voices against violence, repression, and injustice,” the statement added.

This year’s festival is slated to be held from May 17 to 28.

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