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Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Bado Badi takes over the internet

"Bado Badi" has garnered more than 20 million views on YouTube.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Bado Badi has taken over the internet!

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan took social media by storm with his recent song “Bado Badi” which has garnered more than 20 million views on YouTube and still counting

The comedian-singer released the song on his YouTube and Instagram last week, which soon went viral.


The video of “Bado Badi” was also shared on showbiz websites including several showbiz social media pages in India including Pakistan and people commented on Chahat’s performance.

The 56-year-old singer whose real name is Kashif Rana, is believed to have taken the screen name “Chahat Fateh Ali Khan” inspired by the legendary Ustad Fateh Ali Khan. 

Though Chahat is nowhere near the legendary singer but has gained immense popularity owing to the social media platforms. 

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has sung the iconic Madam Noor Jahan’s Punjabi song ‘Akh Lali Badobadi’ in his unique style but in a funny way. 

‘Akh Lali Budobdi’ by Madam Noor Jahan featured in the 1973 Punjabi film Banarasi Thug.


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