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Churails Allegedly Plagiarized its Opening Sequence from a French Artist

A Twitter user brought attention to the copied illustration originally created by a French artist

Allegedly PlagiarizedThe opening sequence consists of a brilliant illustration - OyeYeah News

Love it or hate it, Asim Abbasi’s Churails has managed to garner a lot of attention through its out of the box storyline, specially in a country like ours. However, not everything on the film is fresh and new; and so it seems after a Twitter user brought attention to the plagiarized opening sequence of the web series.

The opening sequence consists of a brilliant illustration, and quite ironically it was originally created by French artist Malika Favre, which Churails have managed to conveniently copy with a few minor tweaks.

“Half a minute into the web series #Churails and I spot some blatant plagiarism in the opening credits. Malika Favre’s powerful illustration has been quite conveniently ripped off,” Twitter user Amna Tariq brought attention to the matter as she also tagged the French illustrator.

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“Oh god, that IS bad! Thanks for sharing. Will look into it,” Favre responded with astonishment.

The opening sequence for Churails was created by Rokhan Studio, who has so far not responded to the matter. Churails’ production company Glasshouse Production has however issued a statement.

“This has been brought to our notice right now and we are looking into it immediately”.

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