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In conversation with the cast of Cake The Film

As the official release date for the film nears, the cast of Cake the film is busy for its promotional campaign and private screenings. How different this movie is going to be, we had an exclusive conversation with the team. We asked many questions here is a round up for you.

Cake the Film is going to release on 30th March 2018

OY: Do you think when the movie comes out people will take the unusual chemistry of the relations like siblings fighting, family conflicts and many other things put in the film?

Aaminah: Well the film is against all suppositions, these are all “Dimag ki bani banai illusions” like sisters don’t fight, wives aren’t supposed to point fingers at husbands and even if you consider a normal person’s life, there is a limit and after that limit “Bum ka gola phat jata hai”, so this is something that our TV dramas has addressed and we have very strong roles of females in our film and this is a family story in which certain dynamics between parents and children are portrayed.


OY: Is there a feminist angle to the film, as there is a dialogue which says ‘akeli larke zamenien sambhale ye tumhari zimaydari nahe hai’, giving it such feel. This has been a trending topic lately for film makers globally. What do you say?

Aaminah: These parents have brought their kids in an amazing manner and both of these sisters are individually very strong and both of these sisters are the captains of themselves, it’s not about these girls facing the society it’s about facing their own problems.

Sanam: Moreover there is concept that beta takes over baap ka business but the thing is that if beta hai he nae tau phr ap kya karengay? And when you have aging parents too tau that is an even difficult and different situation.

Adnan: I think there is a general sensibility in Pakistan “kay agar zameen hai tau beta jaega” this particular dialogue goes against this concept and tells the people that it’s not like that.


OY: In one scene Aminah Sheikh is shown smoking, is this also an attempt to break the stereotype?

Aaminah: When you will watch the film you will get to know it is a normal shot it’s nothing special, it is just a random scene with no particular agenda. It’s funny like few days before I have been asked in a university that “recently itni cheezen hui apki industry me aur ap ese scenes kar rae hain? Ap me itna courage kahan se aya?” First off all “ye film pehle bani thi” and honestly it is a bad habit but it is a habit of this particular girl and she is not doing it publicly she does it in washroom or in some isolation; it’s just her way of representing her feelings.

OY: People have high expectations from cake? Is it going to live up to these expectations? Are you guys in pressure?

Aaminah: We have been very sincere about the movie from very start and that was mainly because of our director, either it be small posting or that twitter war and Asim has always been very supportive and he always said that say real and authentic to the film and if the trailer is telling the people that it is good and different so we are not afraid of this situation we are happy and confident and it is like an appreciation for us.

Adnan: Actually this is a film that we do believe in, I agree there are certain films that you do for monetary reasons or so or something you think it is good but it isn’t, I just don’t feel any pressure I just want that the way we worked and whatever we did should be transferred to the audience and that is the basic thing.


OY: Marketing strategies for Cake the Film have been very different, was this also the part of vision the film maker had?

Aaminah: Few things are soulless and others are not but this one is from the bottom of our heart and I can speak for on behalf of all of us that we do few things only because it is a requirement but in this particular case. Asim is not carrying it alone he let us interfere and respect our opinions as he understands that we know this industry inside out.

Sanam: Like we went to SOS village and it was just an amazing feeling, we gave them cakes but people still criticized that why are you using these SOS people for the promotion? But we think that we are using them but we are contributing and obviously we are not getting any sales from there.

Adnan: We went to the old home because it relates to the film and obviously because it was a contribution to giving something back to the society.


One of most interesting aspect of upcoming movie, Cake the film has been its film promotions like Instagram videos, the phone call video, its characters giving the audiences sort of previews of the film. When we asked does the film has kept keen focus on storytelling, team Cake the Film replied,

”Yes, it was short and smart trick to make people talk about the movie; it was just to let people know a little bit more about the film and the people in the film.”

Film’s second song has been released; with all the promotions going along lately, all eyes are set to watch the whole film keeping high expectations.

Cake’s second soulful track ‘Sajan Mo Khay’ is out

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