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Curious case of #Usman, Pakistani ‘friend zoned’ boy becomes overnight Twitter sensation

Do you have a friend name Usman?

Curious case of #Usman, Pakistani 'friend zoned' boy becomes overnight Twitter sensation

Who is this boy named Usman? Those who use Twitter are still wondering as this name became an overnight trend on the microblogging and social networking site.

It all started with a random tweet by a person named Komal Shahid sharing about the more caring friend named Usman and ended up as the next most sensational thing happing in Pakistan in social media. We bet whoever saw this #Usman ended up scrolling hundreds of twitter messages following this hashtag.

With a bit of luck, every person named Usman must be feeling like a hero after this trending name. It’s one of its kind cases when a non-issue quote garnered the whole nation’s attention, as usually twitter is known to hit at a certain issue.

Komal would have had thought once that in no time #Usman will start trending on twitter. Memes, jokes, messages, what was not shared, urging the Twitteratis to have a friend like Usman in their lives.

And what happened overnight on twitter, here have a look:

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