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Ducky Bhai Draws Twitter Ire with His ‘YouTube Invite’ for Talented TikTokers

After telling cringy and less talented TikTokers to stay away from YouTube, Ducky's own content is in question


Renowned YouTuber Ducky Bhai – whose name, by the way, Saad Ur Rehman – has drawn Twitter’s ire as he extended an invitation to talented TikTokers to join YouTube and told the rest ‘less talented’ and ‘cringy’ ones to stay off from the platform.

“Even if Tiktok gets banned in Pakistan, non-lip sync, talented and less cringy people are welcome to YouTube,” tweeted Ducky as he mentioned the TikTok ban in India.

“Rest stay the (expletive) away from the platform for God’s sake,” he added.


The tweet soon irked many netizens who looked at Saad’s tweet as nothing much than obnoxiousness and some questioned his authority to invite or telling people off, while others questioned the quality of his own content.

“Apna content tou dekh le pehle CoNtEnT cReAtOr,” a Twitter user said.

Another added, “If anyone needs to stay away from the internet, it’s you. Your entire fame is based on mocking the weak and the vulnerable.”

Some Twitterati also shared weird and honestly cringy videos of Ducky Bhai’s Vlogs and asked him what he meant by ‘cringy’ if that’s him.

And then renowned social media artist, Abdul Majid, founder of comics by Majid had an interesting reply.

“Who hired you as the gatekeeper of youtube?” tweeted Majid.

Needless to say, Ducky Bhai, who did not respond to this bombardment, might relook at his invitation or at least his content in the longer run.

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