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Here are some of our favorite Baaghi moments!

Thursday marked the end of the famous TV serial Baaghi and we have to say that it was nothing less than an emotional ride of an episode that came to an underwhelming end, as some people might say. ‘Baaghi’ that premiered on URDU 1 earlier last year on 27th July has no doubt became one of the most watched and talked about show in these couple of months.  We loved Saba Qamar for delivering an outstanding performance in the drama and so are saddened that Baaghi finally had to come to an end with an expected ending we all were in some ways desperately waiting for. While we may need some time to get over the tragic ending of Baaghi, Lets take this moment to take a walk down memory lane and find out our best moments from the drama that we all loved.

Here’s something to lift your mood up before we start


As we start from the beginning, you guys must remember that quirky, rebellious Fauzia that we all loved watching on TV. With her crazy dialogues and humor, it was no doubt that Saba Qamar as Fauzia won her hearts from the very first episode

Saba Qamar as Fauzia

While Abid took all of us by surprise by turning into an abusive and selfish husband, it was however, no less than a delight to watch him flirt with Saba in his shop and later as her so called FianceAbid and saba-1

Her journey from her village to the city wasnt easy, however, as she tries to groom herself during all this time, we couldnt help but realize how cute Fauzia really was!

You all surely remember this time when Gogi was teaching her how to greet people? :D


Remeber this episode? When she decides to participate in a reality show and ends up getting into a fight with this girl at the auditions? Ohh Fauzia, you and your sarcasm! We’ll surely miss it!

saba qamar while performing

While the drama surely had some amazing hilarious moments, but there were times that completely broke our hearts and made us cry with Fauzia, like this one time where she was humiliated because of her clothes and heartbroken for getting rejected in a singing competition.

saba while crying

Forced by circumstances, Fauzia was left with no other choice but to turn into Kanwal Baloch and resort to making videos of herself as a completely different person on camera.


God bless the director for bringing along the dashing, Osman Khalid Butt as the love interest of Fauzia aka Kanwal Baloch to give us all sorts of feels during this emotional ride

saba with Osman Khalid Butt

saba with Osman Khalid Butt-2

With this we come to the end of Baaghi, as you all know what happened next and honestly, lets not go there right now. While Baaghi may or may not have showed what was really going on in the scandalous late model, Qandeel Baloch’s life, it sure taught us a lot of lessons about how life can push people to do things that others might not understand and so how important it is to form one’s own independent opinion rather than be influenced by the negativity of our society before it swallows you. We shall miss you Fauzia!

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