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“Films for me are like making a fool out of one’s own self,” Nadia Khan talks to Oye Yeah

Nadia Khan ventured into television with acting after a hiatus of good 17 years. Speculations were ripe that Khan might have lost her touch and perhaps the idea for a comeback wasn’t a good one at all. But one episode into Aisi Hai Tanhai, and you’d guess, Nadia Khan, still had it all in her. She had the screen presence to kill! Her on point dialogue delivery, her demeanor on screen and each and every posture she struck, spoke of a veteran who knew how to master her art, even if she had stayed about for more than a decade.

Oye Yeah reached out to Nadia Khan, before the start of her second drama, Zun Mureed tonight. And here’s what the actress had to share with her.

We questioned about her comeback being meaningful? Did she walk into the industry with an agenda? And here’s what she had to tell us,  “It’s always an actor’s dream to do meaningful dramas and challenging roles, and that’s what has happened, all the projects I took upon prove to be not only challenging but also very meaningful.” Luckily for Nadia, all three of her television projects are not only meaningful but speak of social issues; issues that need proper addressing. Not only Aisi Hai Tanhai or Zun Mureed, Khan’s upcoming serial with Faheem Burney titled Kesi Aurat Ho Tum, also addresses a social stigma.

“Fahim Burney’s drama was challenging and very interesting at the same time. And also Zun Mureed. In fact Zun Mureed has a very realistic approach, not only to the set up you’ll witness in the drama but also towards the behaviors that have been showcased. The drama is about a loving couple who has everything until a few external factors disturb their life. Everything becomes chaotic until temperaments run wild and violence ensues. But then here is a woman who decides she is not going to take any physical abuse from her husband, be it the first time or the tenth time,” shares Nadia.

”Zun Mureed”, Nadia adds, ”addresses how the element of mutual respect is very important in a relationship. We focus on how abuse is abuse, whether its the first or the hundredth time. The protagonist in this drama takes a stand the very first time. She does not wait for ten years when she’s become used to being violated or too numb to understand she is being abused at the hands of a man who promised to love her. A man and a woman together take care of a home, separation is really hard and both parties might suffer.”


Zun Mureed all set to question the society from 2nd March on Hum TV

Nadia seems to be very content with the current drama scene in Pakistan. She says from every aspect dramas are very sound, in sense of technology and story wise. Comparing Pakistani drams with Indian, Nadia Khan quoted that Pakistani dramas are more powerful, her Indian friends praise Pakistani drams which are more relatable to live.

On questioning Nadia whether she intends to venture into films, considering majority of our drama industry is doing so, Nadia has a very comprehensive reply. “Right now, no films for me. In fact films for me films are like making a fool out of one’s own self. Our people are currently playing with the idea of filmmaking, experimenting with everything and anything that comes their way. For me films are the most dangerous medium which I think isn’t suitable for me at all.”

Nadia Khan who is known for her openness and blunt comments expressed her views about current film making scenario in a very vivid manner. ”It feels really sad that our very own, well established drama directors are making films which fail to do well. The whole idea of films has become demeaning with these amazing drama directors venturing into films, working with a handful of actors or experimenting with new people.”


Nadia seemed to be completely dissatisfied by the type of films being made at the moment. “To be very honest, even today, we don’t know how to make good films. Girls are being exposed as item girls and directors are making fools of themselves. Film requires a lot of research work, a lot of thought. We need to focus on quality over quantity. And a person like me, whose one mistake will not be forgotten, I’m good steering clear of films at the moment.”

Sharing about her future ventures Nadia told that her very own YouTube channel is in the pipeline, which will be an online shopping channel for purchasing original and authentic cosmetics and clothing.  Adding further, Khan also shares how, ”Out Style will  be coming up with its own programming in entertainment as well. I am very excited about the fact since we have worked really hard for one and a half year along with a very talented team. I will be reaching out to the international audience for it as well and it feels really good.”


Talking to Nadia and not asking about the future of Kinza and Hamza from Aisi Hai Tanhai, was impossible. We had to question Nadia and find out if there would be any future for the duo together. ” I was not expecting this at all. I am surprised and glad at the same time at the amount of love we’ve received. I and Sami both were not expecting this that people will like us together. But as it goes in the drama, the odds and tragedies have brought us together. I cannot really disclose the ending but the future for Hamza and Kinza will be how the drama is. Read between the lines because Aisi Hai Tanhai.

On a parting note, Nadia sent out a message for everyone out there, “Watch Zun Mureed people, and let us know what you think. Your views and feedback do matter a lot.”


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