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Fuzon’s O Ki Jane Speaks Of The Band’s Return With A Melodic Bang!

Taking us back to the good old days of Pakistani pop music of a decade ago, Fuzon has released a sing from their upcoming album O Ki Jane. It’s been a long time since Fuzon released an album, and this surely is a treat for all their fans.

The lyrics have been penned on the sufi kalam of Baba Bulley Shah. It focuses on purity of love and how humans are unaware of their own potential to love. The vocalist Khurram Iqbal blends right into the Fuzon style of things and have given the band a new dimension. This is 1st time Fuzon have used live drum sessions. The whole feel of the song is quite upbeat.


The video is directed by Babar Sheikh compliments the mood of the song perfectly. It shows how we struggle to achieve peace and our constant struggle in daily life. With different metaphors being used, it presents itself well and adds to the overall package.

Strings new track Urr Jaoon, makes us long for a better world!

Slowly, Pakistani musician are trying to make a comeback and revive this industry. Patari is also playing a positive role in this revival as it is giving a platform to the artists. With dwindling number of entertainment channels, it is presenting an alternative.


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